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Guide des négociations

Guide to the Negotiations - State of Negociations - CCNUCC - COP19 et CMP9
Warsaw, Poland - 11-22 November 2013

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Negotiations within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) take place in a difficult context, where economic, social and human issues are crucial. But a major challenge in Warsaw is to continue the transition initiated by the Durban Platform and the Doha Gateway into a new era in climate negotiations, where the traditional dividing lines between the obligations of developed countries and those of developing countries are becoming increasingly blurred, especially after 2020. Which principles of the Convention will prevail in the new

agreement, the common but differentiated responsibilities, the respective abilities, the equality or the precaution and suitability, and how strongly will they be promoted? How to take into account historical responsibility, capacity and economic, environmental and social changes of each of the Parties of the Convention in the evaluation of the ambition of their commitments towards the principle of common but differentiated capacities? Should we give these commitments a dynamic interpretation based on the economic realities and the current  and future emissions levels of each country ?

Although this book is specifically designed for negotiators from member countries of the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF), we hope it will also be useful for all participants.
Auteur(s) : Authors (French version only)
  • Caroline De Vit, Ecofys
  • Sara Moarif, Ecofys Associate
  • Seyni Nafo, Mali
  • El hadji Mbaye Diagne, Senegal
  • Kimberley Mees, Ecofys
  • Sandra Freitas, Togo


Rajae Chafil, Project Manager, International Environment Negotiations (IFDD)

Translation by

Susan Esplan

Éditeur(s) :
Directeur de la publication : Fatimata DIA, Director of IFDD
Comité éditorial : Louis-Noël JAIL, Rajae CHAFIL, Jacinthe POTVIN
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Publication : 2013
181 pages

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