Agriculture in Africa Face the Challenges of Climate Change – SYNTHESIS

Agriculture in Africa Face the Challenges of Climate Change – SYNTHESIS

Reinforced Climate Negotiation for Africa (NECTAR)


This synthesis was prepared from a more voluminous study, published also by the IEPF. As for the study, this document has been prepared by Baastel Consulting Group and Iram.

How climate change exacerbate the problems Africa will face, especially in the field of agriculture? This is the subject of this book. It also discusses issues of greenhouse gas emissions on the continent, the reduction pathways, and how African countries can benefit from international negotiations on climate change, promoting a commitment to reduce GHG emission, the only way to reduce global warming and its consequences. The establishment of valuation measures – for their preservation – of carbon sinks on the continent (such as REDD, REDD-plus), and an adaptation fund adequately equipped to finance emergency measures that will better cope with future changes, will play a very important role for the future of Africa.

Reinforced Climate Negotiation for Africa (NECTAR)Finally, this synthesis presents a number of key actions for agricultural development and adaptation to climate change, which can be used to reflect on the highest priority actions to be implemented for the agricultural sector in Africa.

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