Guide to the negotiations on Climate Change – COP18 and CMP8

Guide to the negotiations on Climate Change – COP18 and CMP8

No 11 - 26 November to 7 December 2012, Doha, Qatar


Doha 2012 will launch a new negotiation period, where each player should manage to commit to clear and precise GHG reduction ambitions as well as to concrete low-CO2 development actions under the Durban Platform. The Platform will set up a second period for the Kyoto Protocol whilst waiting for all the countries to adopt a legally-binding international tool.

This guide made available by the OIF through its subsidiary body the IEPF is intended to provide information on and explain the challenges and issues of climate change debated during this conference.

Let us give this new stage in negotiations that is about to start the hope and actions required for the fight against poverty, sustainable development and the survival of our planet.


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