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Guide des négociations

SUMMARY FOR POLICYMAKERS - 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) - 2 to 14 December 2018, Katowice, Poland
Guide to the negotiations n.23

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This Summary for Policymakers supplements the Guide to the Negotiations, documents produced every year by IFDD as support for the sessions of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Aimed at helping negotiators to understand better the challenges of the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP24), Part I of the guide sets out the current major issues. Special attention is paid to the elements making up the Paris Agreement work programme, whose operationalisation rules should be adopted at COP24. Part II sets out the progress made in the negotiations between COP 23 and COP25 and deciphers succinctly the Paris Agreement and the operational modalities emerging from Decision 1/CP.21. Part III offers a general conceptual framework, comprising a brief history of the climate negotiations, a description of the Convention and its main bodies and ad hoc groups as well as a presentation of the main negotiating groups and their positions.

Although this publication is intended especially for negotiators from Francophone countries, it should also be a useful tool for all other interested stakeholders. The Guide to the Negotiations and this Summary for Policymakers is enhanced year on year and goes beyond the climate change negotiating structure. This is strengthened under the current international climate action which, following the adoption of the Paris agreement, is targeting officially the setting up of seamless multi-actor and multi-sector dynamics. Academics, public or private figures and representatives of civil society organisations or international institutions - they are all using the Guide and the Summary increasingly as an independent, factual and up-to-date source of information for the negotiations with an analytical, dynamic review of the issues.

We are hopeful that the various contributions will meet the expectations of our readers.

This document was drafted by the ENERGIES 2050 on behalf of Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (IFDD).
It is published for information purposes only and does not reflect the
viewpoint of the IFDD nor the Secretariat of the Convention nor the
Presidency of COP24.

This document was updated on the basis of information available as at 15 October 2018.

Auteur(s) :

Main authors
Stéphane POUFFARY, ENERGIES 2050 (Editorial Management)
Antoine ANTONINI, ENERGIES 2050 (Coordination)
Axel MICHAELOWA, Perspectives Climate Group
Marjorie MÉNARD, Perspectives Climate Group
Aglaja ESPELAGE, Perspectives Climate Group

El Hadji Mbaye DIAGNE, Afrique-Énergie-Environnement
Matthias HONEGGER, Perspectives Climate Group
Igor SHISHLOV, Perspectives Climate Group

Grégory BOVE, ENERGIES 2050

Collection : Guide to the negotiations, No 23
Éditeur(s) :
Directeur de la publication : Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum, Director of IFDD
Comité éditorial :

Technical Coordination
Issa BADO, Programme Assistant, IFDD

Review Committee (in alphabetical order)
Ndiaye CHEIKH SYLLA, Senegal
Mamadou HONADIA, Burkina Faso
Mohamed KHALIL, Egypt
Tosi MPANU MPANU, Democratic Republic of Congo
Kamayé MAAZOU, Niger
Seyni NAFO, Climate Ambassador
Nivohary RAMAROSON, Madagascar
Komi TOMYEBA, Togo

IFDD Information and Documentation Department
Louis-Noël JAIL, Communication Officer
Marilyne LAURENDEAU, Communication Assistant

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Publication : 2018
128 pages
ISBN 978-2-89481-285-3
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Bibliothèque nationale du Québec,
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

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